Southern Customs Paint and Body - Southern Customs Paint & Body Corpus Christi fraud

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I brought my Daughters car to these scammers and I was told the price to fix my fender would be a couple hundred dollars. I asked them also to fix the windshield, a wheel Bering and paint the entire car and clear coat it. They quoted me a price of 1800 dollars. After they told me the car was ready. I clearly saw that they did not paint the car. They only buffed some scratches out and it was not clear coated nor was the wheel bearing fixed. These guys are complete scammers and scumbags. They then had the nerve to ask for $3000 to release the car. I had no choice but to pay this because they had the car and the police would do nothing.

Stay away from these guys. They will just rip you off.

Robert Sutherland and Jesse De La Garza are the owners

Review about: Auto Paint Work.

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